The ECA Award

In 2009, the European Carbon Association (ECA) has created a new award to recognise a significant contribution to the European carbon science community carried-out by a scientist from anywhere in the world, or a remarkable service to the worldwide carbon community carried-out by a scientist from Europe. The ECA Award will be presented at each World Conference on Carbon organized by one of the national carbon groups of the ECA, that is to say, every three years. The award will be made on the recommendation of the ECA Award Committee and seeks to honour 'Remarkable service to carbon science community’ with the recipient holding the respect of their colleagues and 'having been influential and supportive towards others in the pursuit of scientific excellence or having made a significant contribution in providing a strong foundation to the community of carbon scientists and technologists in order to promote a flourishing and healthy environment for scientific achievement’. The ECA award includes a PRIZE of 1200 Euros.

ECA Award Definition and Rules (more detailes)

The ECA Award 2022

Marc Monthioux is a generous and enthusiastic scientist from Europe who has relentlessly worked to gather carbon scientists within the academic and industrial worlds, bringing remarkable services to the worldwide carbon community. As a few examples, Marc Monthioux has created the Nanocarbon Network in Toulouse (active since 1999), he was president of the SFEC from 2007 to 2012, during which time he successfully reunited traditional- and nanocarbon communities. He was president of the ECA from 2009 till 2012, and finally, to foster interaction between the different subgroups of the carbon community, Marc Monthioux co-founded the World Carbon Council. He has acted as member of the advisory committee of practically all Carbon conferences since 2005 and as chairman of Carbon 2009 in Biarritz. He has worked tirelessly for the carbon community as an associate editor of Carbon journal from 2003 to 2016, now being a member of its honorary advisory board. Finally, Marc Monthioux holds the respect of his colleagues due to his brilliant scientific career with over 165 articles (4 in the Nature group journals), 5 patents, a h-factor of 40 (Scopus), and 20 articles cited more than 100 times). He has also directed or co-directed 15 PhD candidates.

The ECA Award 2018

François Béguin was Professor and leader of the Energy & Environment Group at the Orléans University (France) till 2011. Presently he is Professor at the Poznan University of Technology (Poland) supervising the Power Sources Group ( He is actively involved in carbon science for more than 40 years. His scientific interests are focused on the development of carbons for applications to energy conversion/storage and environment protection. The main topics investigated in his research group are electrochemical capacitors, lithium- and sodium-ion batteries and capacitors, electrochemical hydrogen storage, reversible electrosorption of pollutants. He is author of more than 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals, which are cited more than 21 000 times, with Hirsch index h=62. He has been invited as plenary speaker at Carbon 2000 in Berlin and Carbon 2012 in Cracow, and many times as keynote speaker in carbon conferences organized in Europe. He co-edited two books:- Carbons for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems, CRC Taylor&Francis (2010)- Supercapacitors: Materials, Systems and Applications, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (2013)He is also co-author of many chapters in books dedicated to carbon and/or energy storage systems.

During his research leadership both in France and in Poland, François Béguin stimulated the scientific collaboration between the two countries. At a wider scale, he hosted a huge number of master students, PhD students and Post Docs from various countries in Europe. He took part in many training schools on carbon science in France, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, UK, Belgium.

He was President of the French Carbon Group from 2000 to 2006. He is at the origin of the successful biennial conference CESEP – Carbons for Energy Storage and Environment Protection. He has been Advisory Board member of carbon conferences in Europe. He was the chairman of many conferences related with carbon, e.g., ISIC 6, ISIC 15, CESEP 2005, CESEP 2011, CESEP 2015, NanoteC 04 and workshops. He is an associate editor of the journal – Energy Storage Materials.

The ECA Award 2015

Maurizio Prato is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Trieste in Italy. He received the ECA Award 2015 for his work on the functionalization of various nanocarbons. Potential applications are in the field of bio- and nanomedicine, but also applicable for the catalytic decomposition of water.

The ECA Award 2012

Yury Gogotsi promoted scientific collaboration between the US and Europe through joint research projects and student exchange with researchers in France (U Paul Sabatier, Sorbonne (Paris 7) , Limoges, and CNRS labs), England (Imperial College, Cambridge University, Univ. of Brighton, Univ. Nottingham), Germany (Universities of Karlsruhe, Tuebingen, Bremen, Dresden and Erlangen-Nuremberg), Italy (Univ. Padova and Rome), Sweden (Linkoping Univ.). Results of this collaborative research were published in dozens of paper in peer-reviewed journals ranging from Science and Nature family journals to CARBON. Some of those papers have had a major impact on the development of the capacitive energy storage field. He has contributed to teaching European students by lecturing as Visiting Professor at Univ. Limoges and Paul Sabatier University, France, as well as giving numerous seminars in European countries.

He has been supportive towards the future generation of European scientists by initiating student exchange/visit programs with Ukraine (National Technical Universities – Kiev Polytechnic) and Russia (Moscow State University). Hosted students, post-docs and faculty from UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey and other European countries. One of his German PhD students, Sebastian Osswald, won the prestigious CARBON-Elsevier award for the best PhD thesis on Carbon materials (given once in 3 years). He also helped the Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Materials for Energy (MESC) reach to the US by bringing Drexel University as an official US partner in 2011 (currently 3 MESC students are doing MS thesis research at Drexel). Consulted for Arkema and ABB contributing to development of advanced material technologies in Europe. Invitations to present numerous invited and keynote talks at conferences in Europe, including the World Conference on CARBON, British Carbon Group meetings, Carbon Materials for Energy and other events show that the recipient is highly respected by his European colleagues. He provides service to carbon science community in Europe and worldwide as an editor of CARBON (Elsevier).

The ECA Award 2009

In 2009, Tony Wickham (here receiving the award from ECA President, Rosa Mendez) was named as the first recipient of the European Carbon Association (ECA) Award for services to Carbon Science.

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