Member Organisations

The European Carbon Association exists to promote carbon research, development, applications and awareness across Europe. It is an umbrella organisation encompassing national groups from many European countries. One of its primary remits is the organisation of the annual Carbon conference series, held once every three years in Europe.

The ECA was established in July 1998.

Grupo Español
del Carbón

Polish Carbon Society

Société Francophone d'Etude des Carbones

The British
Carbon Group

Kohlenstoff (AKK)


The Portugese
Carbon Group

The World Conference on Carbon Series

Carbon 2020  Kyoto, Japan

Carbon 2019  Lexington, USA

Carbon 2018  Madrid, Spain

Carbon 2017  Melbourne, Australia

Carbon 2016  Pennsylvania, USA

Carbon 2015  Dresden, Germany

Carbon 2014  Jeju, Korea

Carbon 2013  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Carbon 2012  Cracow, Poland

Carbon 2011  Shanghai, China

Carbon 2010  Clemson, USA

Carbon 2009  Biarritz, France

Carbon 2008  Nagano, Japan

Carbon 2007  Seattle, USA

Carbon 2006  Aberdeen, UK

Carbon 2005  Gyeongju, Korea

Carbon 2004  Rhode Island, USA

Carbon 2003  Oviedo, Spain

Carbon 2002  Beijing, China