Carbon Events in Europe and beyond

Carbon Conferences
For information on the international Carbon conference series, see the following links:
    Carbon 2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (organised by the Brasilian Carbon Association)

    Carbon 2012 Cracow, Poland

    Carbon 2011 Shanghai, China

    Carbon 2010 Clemson, USA

    Carbon 2009 June 14-19th, Biarritz, France

    Carbon 2008 July 13-18th, Nagano, Japan

    Carbon 2007 - Seattle, US, (organised by the American Carbon Society)

    Carbon 2006 - Aberdeen, UK, (organised by the British Carbon Group)

    Carbon 2005 - Gyeongju, Korea, (organised by the Japanese Carbon Group)

    Carbon 2004 - Rhode Island, USA,(organised by the American Carbon Society)

    Carbon 2003 - Oviedo, Spain, (organised by the Spanish Carbon Group)

    Carbon 2002 - Beijing, China,(organised by the Chinese Carbon Group)

Other events
These are listed on the national sites: